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I am excited to announce that I’ve partnered with CBC to create a photo-essay highlighting Soccer in Montreal in conjunction with the launch of a new tv drama called 21thunder which premiered July 31st.  #WhatsyourThunder  Finding your passion isn't always easy, but once you do, it becomes part of your daily life.  Meet Mateo and Noah who travelled from Toronto and found a field in the heart of Montreal to play soccer with their fathers. Their passion for soccer was written all over their faces and was evident in the way they played the game - their game was their thunder.

In my opinion having thunder is about having the will and the determination to live out your passion even when you aren't given all of the tools. The kids in my old neighbourhood know that well – here they are enjoying their favourite sport with their makeshift soccer goal made with cones. #WhatsYourYhunder? @21thundershow

The game of soccer has deep roots in my neighbourhood in Montreal. That's why I'm excited for CBC's new show, 21 Thunder It premiered on July 31st. I've documents kids playing their hearts out in my old stomping grounds as part of my photo-essay.

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